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How terrorists could use video games to communicate undetected

December 20, 2015
There can be "maybe potentially the misconception about how exactly encrypted along with impenetrable these systems are," he said. one possibility can be messaging by means of something as innocuous as Sony's well-liked PlayStation 4, for instance.

While these systems use encryption with regard to security, Bakalar additional that will it's important to not view such communications as entirely under-the-radar.

In your aftermath of last week's Paris terror attacks, security analysts are searching right directly into a number of other ways terrorists could have got employed encrypted messaging technologies to share using you information. you may have a conversation outside of the game inside some thing just such as a PlayStation 4's firmware. The idea permits players to send messages in order to others anywhere in the world via PS4's on your internet PlayStation Network or perhaps immediately to one an additional inside specific video games such as "World involving Warcraft."

While zero evidence provides emerged tying this technology to the Paris attacks -- earlier reports of free ps4 themes the hyperlink had been unfounded -- CNET Senior Editor Jeff Bakalar informed CBS news that investigators tend to be using the particular possible threat seriously.

That getting said, with the PlayStation system practically ubiquitous -- approximately 30 million units are already marketed -- monitoring just about all user activity isn't practical.

"You don't automatically want being playing any game. They Will allow 'party chat,' they will contact it," Bakalar said.. It's out there," he said. "We're certainly not working with NSA-level security stuff around the PlayStation 4 along with [Microsoft's] Xbox Live."

Could video gaming supply a secure way pertaining to terrorists for you to communicate? security experts are concerned that members associated with ISIS or other harmful groups could end up being getting good thing about video game networks for you to communicate undetected.

Millions more along with more people about the planet use well-liked messaging apps similar to WhatsApp and Viber, that have in addition sparked safety concerns. These kinds of conversations are "encrypted and never specifically accessible if this arrives for you to security," Bakalar said.

"I believe what this does can it be opens the door for the conversation stating 'hey, we really didn't think about this like a vessel with regard to this kind of behavior,' however it exists. "I believe your next thing is, OK, now that will we now have in which information, where do we move from there?"

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Boehringer Ingelheim Makes Twitter #COUGH for World COPD Day

December 12, 2015
Since the world #COUGHs in order to raise understanding of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), your hashtag will generate a noisy spike within tweets, simulating your audio wave of the COPD sufferers chronic cough an integral sign of your disease.

COPD affects an estimated 210 million individuals globally3 and the particular world Wellness Organization believes it is going to be your third leading trigger regarding death worldwide through 2030.1 Inside the particular UK it truly is estimated 3 million individuals are at present living along with COPD, but approximately simply 900,000 are diagnosed2.


With Regards To COPD

Evidence suggests that decline is nearly all rapid within the initial phases regarding COPD, supporting the concept that early interventions could slow the progression with the life-threatening disease.4,5 Therefore, any heightened awareness of COPD is actually key, in order for you to encourage the particular millions involving sufferers up for you to now undiagnosed2 in order to seek assist as quickly as possible, providing them with the opportunity to lead a longer and better made associated with life.4,5

COPD expenses the actual NHS greater than 800 million every year6, along with each along with every patients COPD management costing 2,108 for each year, excluding medications.7 Furthermore, lost productivity credited to always be able to COPD provides been calculated with 3.8 billion.8

about Boehringer Ingelheim

The Actual Boehringer Ingelheim group will be certainly 1 of the actual worlds 20 leading pharmaceutical companies.

Various Other organisations, which includes the actual British Lung Foundation, will also be receiving concerned within the campaign to aid raise awareness. COPD care inside the North West of England. Respect, equal possibilities and also reconciling profession as well as family members form the foundation of the mutual cooperation. COPD. NICE, 2011. This kind of includes worldwide involvement within social projects, such since the initiative Creating much more Wellness along with caring for that employees. Globe Well Being Statistics. Punekar Y S, et al. International J. 2008. 2012; 7: 95-99


Throughout 2014, Boehringer Ingelheim achieved net revenue of regarding 13.3billioneuros. COPD. International J. 2008. R&D expenditure corresponds for you to 19.9 % involving its net sales. An Outcomes strategy regarding Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD and Asthma throughout England.

Boehringer Ingelheim can be calling on Twitter users to aid raise understanding of COPD. 2014; 9: 277286

6. Headquartered throughout Ingelheim, Germany, Boehringer Ingelheim operates globally together with 146affiliates plus a total of a lot a lot more than 47,700 employees. Tantucci T, Modina D.

for more information please visit

8. Aqua Analytics.


. 2014. Global Alliance Against Chronic Respiratory Diseases. Csikesz N G & Gartman E J. Globe Wellness Organization. 2014; 9: 6573. WHO Statistical information System (WHOSIS). available at: [last accessed: November 2015]


3. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. Inside everything it does, the organization concentrates on environmental protection as well as sustainability. New developments in the assessment regarding COPD: early diagnosis is key. available at: [last accessed: November 2015]

4. said Professor Klaus Dugi, Health-related Director along with Managing Director UK & Ireland, Boehringer Ingelheim We need to highlight the value of supporting people living with this life-changing condition although also addressing and also tackling the issue associated with late diagnosis and also misdiagnosis, which usually may impact lifestyle expectancy along with dramatically affect the high quality of lifestyle of individuals affected by COPD. London: Healthcare Commission.


1. Lung operate decline within COPD. Healthcare Commission (2006) Clearing the particular air: a national study regarding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Social duty is an essential element of the corporate culture with Boehringer Ingelheim.

BRACKNELL, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For UK media just

Today, on Globe COPD Day 2015, Boehringer Ingelheim will be generating Twitter #COUGH to raise awareness of this chronic lung disease. COPD management costs according for the frequency involving COPD exacerbations within UK primary care. The Particular target of the family-owned company, founded in 1885, is actually researching, developing, manufacturing and logiciel pour pirater un compte facebook also marketing new medications of substantial therapeutic value regarding human and also veterinary medicine

Thailand Indicts Two for Deadly Bangkok Bombing

November 24, 2015
17 blast from Erawan Shrine, Bilal Mohammad, center front, and also Mieraili Yusufu, rear center, while they arrive with a military court inside Bangkok, Thailand, Nov. 1 close to the Thai-Cambodia border, carrying any Chinese passport indicating he ended up being from Xinjiang. Police stated his DNA and also fingerprints had been present in both raided apartments, including on the container of gunpowder.

Both men happen to be described through officials as ethnic Uighurs (pronounced wee-ghurs) coming from western Chinas Xinjiang region. 24, 2015Bilal Mohammad and Mieraili Yusufu were indicted on 10 counts connected for the blastMoreThai Academics Demand an Finish in order to Political IntimidationTechnical Error Helps Make Bangkok Race Worlds Longest Half-MarathonSee Portraits associated with Thailands King Bhumibol Adulyadej Displayed Almost All More Than Bangkok

(BANGKOK) A New military court within Thailand in Tuesday indicted a pair of men accused involving carrying out the deadly bombing with a central Bangkok shrine which left twenty folks dead and a lot a lot more than 120 injured.

Yusufu was arrested Sept. the Aug. Authorities have declined in order to think regarding it as an act associated with terrorism out of apparent worry in which it might hurt your countrys huge tourism industry.

They are being attempted with a military court with an army base throughout Bangkok simply because cases associated with national security have been handled from the military since final May, when the army seized energy in the coup via an elected government.

Police believe that Bilal is the yellow-shirted man whom planted the bomb as well as Yusufu is considered to get detonated the particular bomb.

Security camera footage from the Erawan Shrine showed a man wearing a yellow T-shirt whom sat down on any bench in the outdoor shrine, shot to popularity any black backpack and then left it behind as he stood up and walked away. 29. The Actual charges included conspiracy to always be able to explode bombs and commit premeditated murder, stated protection lawyer Chuchart Kanpai.

Media was not able to go directly into the military court Tuesday as well as the indictments happened before both suspects arrived, said Chuchart, their own lawyer.

Police stated they've got confessions from your two, and also Bilals lawyer says his client admitted planting the actual deadly bomb at the behest of another suspect that remains a fugitive. Officials say the blast had been performed with a people-smuggling gang seeking revenge upon Thai authorities with regard to cracking upon their operation.

Some with the 15 other suspects tend to be Turks, with whom Uighurs share ethnic bonds, along with Turkey is actually where a person can a big Uighur community. the theory had been bolstered by the undeniable fact that your Erawan Shrine can be loved by Chinese tourists, who figured prominently one involving the victims of the bombing.

Thai officials say there was clearly absolutely no political as well as religious motive behind the attack however skepticism regarding the police explanation on the shrine attack provides abounded because associated with leaks, contradictions, misstatements as well as secrecy surrounding the actual investigation.

The 2 suspects, identified as Bilal Mohammad and Mieraili Yusufu, were indicted in 10 counts none of these terrorism costs connected for the blast. 17 blast from the favorite Erawan Shrine was one of the most deadly acts regarding violence within Bangkok in decades. Beijing fees which a quantity of Uighurs are usually Islamist terrorists along with in which a few happen to be smuggled out of China to join Islamic State fighters throughout Syria, through Turkey.

Tap in order to study complete storyRead Next. He has been arrested from among two apartments police raided around the outskirts of Bangkok.

The two men happen for you to be held with an army base since their arrests inside late August along with early September.

Thailand ExplosionSakchai LalitAPPolice officers escort suspects inside the Aug. He says Bilal ended up being induced to hold out the actual action by a promise in which his emigration to be able to Turkey would be expedited.

Bilal, was initially identified as Adem Karadag, which ended up being the particular title on a fake Turkish passport inside his possession when he was arrested Aug. Period stamps confirmed he left the actual shrine just minutes ahead associated with the blast occurred, in the particular course of evening rush hour because the area inside central Bangkok ended up being full of people.

Former National Police Chief Somyot Poomphanmuang mentioned before his retirement throughout September that the truth contrary for you to the two suspects ended up being supported by simply closed-circuit television footage, witnesses, DNA matching along with physical evidence, additionally to their confessions.

Early speculation concerning the bombing suggested it might be the task involving Uighur separatists who were angry that will Thailand throughout July forcibly repatriated a lot much more than 100 Uighurs to China, where it truly is feared these people encounter persecution

So, who really won?

November 3, 2015
Supreme Court handed the actual presidency in order to Bush, or took it far from Gore.

The studies additionally show that Gore most likely might have won any statewide recount of most undervotes as well as overvotes, which are ballots that included multiple votes regarding president as well as were thus not necessarily counted in all. This counts chads that are merely just dimpled as well as bear slight impressions.

The results: The Particular two major conclusions here are usually in which Gore likely would have won a hand recount of the statewide overvotes as well as undervotes -- which he by no means requested -- although Bush likely could have won the particular hand recount regarding undervotes ordered by the Florida Supreme Court, although by a smaller sized margin compared for you to the certified 537 vote difference.

A sampling associated with headlines from your time include "Florida Recounts Could Have Favored Bush, Yet study Finds Gore might Possess Won Statewide Tally of all Uncounted Ballots," coming from The Actual Washington Post, and "Study involving Disputed Ballots Finds Justices Failed To Cast the actual Selecting Vote," coming from The Newest York Times.

However, since the Submit concluded, "While they are fascinating findings, they do not necessarily represent any real-world situation. Below this regular Gore would have won by simply 242 votes.")Two corner standard: Bush +407 ("The most favored rule that no less than 2 corners of the chad must be detached to always be able to count as votes is utilized throughout many states, such as California, Oregon, Washington as well as Michigan. That They reasoned which a voter would demonstrate comparable voting patterns about the ballot. Their Particular aim was not to end up being able to decide any winner, however for you to "examine the particular ballots to end up being able to assess your relative longevity of your three major forms of ballot techniques used in Florida." Carefully vetted coders reviewed the actual ballots, along with NORC's uncooked details are nonetheless available for the public online.

The study, released in November 2001, happened more than 10 several weeks and value almost $1 million. These were ballots the particular Florida Supreme Court ordered being hand counted having its December 8, 2000, decision. However, his legal team in simply no way pursued this action.

The studies also offer the belief that more voters went to the polls in Florida on Election Day intending for you to vote for Gore than regarding Bush. However, USA today cautioned that, "The study features limitations. The Actual USA TODAY research exhibits that will Gore might have won Florida by three votes if this normal were applied in order to undervotes.")A larger review gives mixed resultsThe players: roughly any month later, a much more substantial consortium in which included the above outlets as well as a group of five Florida newspapers introduced its review of greater than 171,000 disputed ballots. This kind of regular -- attacked by Republicans as arbitrary -- additionally offers Bush any win, by 884 votes, according for the USA TODAY review.")Two corner standard: Bush +363 ("Most states with well-defined rules state that a new chad together with a couple of or even a lot more corners removed is truly a legal vote.

This should go contrary to end up being able to the belief that the U.S. Furthermore, it reveals that, ironically, probably your most lenient standard associated with vote counting advocated through Gore offers Bush his greatest lead.

How it worked: NORC, the highly respected information and research organization, conducted the actual counting of ballots. The Particular board's theory has been that if dimples appeared in additional races, that most likely meant the voter just didn't press tough enough. This specific is known as the "Palm Beach Standard" since that is the actual rule that county's elections board adopted for you to figure out voter intent in the early hand recounts in the Florida vote. the Washington post explained, "153 field workers spent 6,500 hours describing each as well as every dimple, chad, erasure along with relevant marking. Gore was marked about 84,197 of the overvote ballots, in contrast to 37,731 with regard to Bush. Story highlightsAs the whole, recount studies show Bush might have most likely won the Florida hand recount regarding undervotesStudies furthermore display Gore most likely might have won a statewide recount of most undervotes and overvotesCNN's Gloria Borger explores the actual 2000 election in the special record Monday from 9 p.m. Beneath this standard, Bush wins by 363.")Strict standard: Gore +3 ("This "clean punch" standard would merely count totally removed chads as legal votes. Supreme Court had not intervened to prevent the particular counting. Contrary for you to Gore's hopes, your USA TODAY research reveals that standard favors Bush and provides your Republican his biggest margin: 1,665 votes.")Palm Beach Standard: Bush +884 ("Palm Beach County election officials considered dimples as votes only when dimples were found in additional races around the same ballot. Undervotes tend to be ballots in which didn't register a new vote in the presidential race. Petersburg Times, and also The Particular Palm Beach post -- compensated for that National Opinion Study Center, as well as NORC, in the College of Chicago in order to review 175,010 disputed Florida ballots -- 61,190 undervotes along with 113,820 overvotes. ETCNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger revisits the actual 2000 election inside a CNN Unique Report, "Bush v.

Nevertheless, the research really does assistance the thought -- expressed to CNN through both Gore's Florida senior adviser Nick Baldick, and also the Republican senior adviser to always be able to Katherine Harris, John "Mac" Stipanovich -- that will much more voters went towards the polls within Florida intending to be able to vote for Al Gore as compared to with regard to George Bush.

Above all, USA Nowadays highlighted that it is review revealed, "The American system involving elections routinely fails to count hundreds of a huge amount of ballots because associated with mistakes by voters, confusing ballot instructions, poorly designed ballots, flawed voting and counting machines and additionally the failure regarding election workers to adequately assist voters."

The details, again with USA Today's explanations cited throughout parentheses:

Lenient standard: Gore +332 ("One makes use of probably the actual most permissive definition of the vote.

The newspapers applied BDO Seidman's findings to four vote-counting standards. In addition for the undervotes, this study reviewed greater than 111,000 overvotes -- ballots in which included multiple votes pertaining to president and also had been thus not counted.

This research demonstrated that Democratic voters were far more inclined to produce the mistake involving casting an overvote than Republican voters. Recounting simply by that will standard, Bush would have won through 407 votes, narrower compared to his 537-vote official margin.")Strict standard: Bush +152 ("By the actual strictest standard 1 that will requires a completely clean punch for the vote to always be able to count Bush would have won by simply 152 votes. the alteration can range from a mere dimple, or indentation, in a chad in order to its removal. Typists entered 17.5 million bits of details into Chicago computers."

The different media organizations applied NORC's raw information to many distinct recount scenarios. under your "dimple standard," Gore could have won through 332 votes.")Palm Beach standard: Gore +242 ("The other standard counts dimples as votes as lengthy as dimples are generally present in various other races about the exact same ballot. Election officials, which sorted the actual undervotes with regard to examination after which handled all of them for your accountants' inspection, usually failed to provide exactly the identical quantity of undervotes recorded upon election night."

The details, along with USA Today's original explanations with the different standards in parentheses:

Lenient Standard: Bush +1,665 ("This standard, which in turn was advocated by simply Gore, would count any kind of alteration in a chad -- the tiny perforated box which is punched for you to cast the vote -- as evidence of your voter's intent. There can be certainly variability in what different observers notice on ballots. A Few cleanly punched ballots were disqualified by counting-machines simply because associated with glitches, like a pair of ballots sticking together.")The Florida Ballots ProjectThe players: Any national media consortium -- made up of CNN, The Newest York Times, The Actual Wall Street Journal, the Tribune Company, The Particular Washington Post, Your Related Press, The Particular St. ET.

But your controversy surrounding this unprecedented election as well as its aftermath didn't end there.

Months following the united States Supreme Court delivered its ruling to avoid your statewide hand recount within the Sunshine State, media along with academic organizations conducted their extremely own studies with the disputed ballots throughout Florida.

Taken as getting a whole, the actual recount studies show Bush could have nearly all likely won the particular Florida statewide hand recount of all undervotes. Right now there had been no set of circumstances inside the fevered times following the election in which would have produced a new hand recount of all 175,000 overvotes as well as undervotes."

The research was in addition launched 8 weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks, when the nation's concentrate moved away in the controversial 2000 election to the a lot more pressing War upon Terror.

The details:

Full statewide review

Standard with regard to acceptable marks set through each and every county inside their recount: Gore wins through 171Fully punched chads as well as limited marks upon optical scan ballots: Gore wins through 115Any dimple or optical mark: Gore wins through 107One corner involving chad detached as well as virtually any optical mark: Gore wins by simply 60Review involving limited teams of ballots

Requests for recounts in Volusia, Broward, Palm Beach, along with Miami-Dade: Bush wins simply by 225Florida Supreme Court order regarding all undervotes statewide: Bush wins by 430Florida Supreme Court order, as getting implemented by counties, some of whom refused and some counted overvotes along with undervotes: Bush wins by simply 493.

Even 15 years following your election, partisans on both sides cherry-pick a variety of scenarios in which could have favored their candidate.

Here's reveal take a peek at what are usually the studies found::

The initial significant reviewThe players: A New team involving newspapers which includes the actual USA Today, Miami Herald, and Knight Ridder newspapers conducted the extremely first major overview of your Florida ballots.

How it worked: Your team hired the particular accounting firm BDO Seidman for you to examine more than 60,000 "undervotes" -- ballots that didn't register a vote within the presidential race -- via most 67 Florida counties. However, there is not a new way to become able to right your overvote mistakes as quickly as these were cast, as well as Gore's team never questioned to acquire a hand recount of overvotes throughout the contentious recount battle throughout Florida. USA Today's headline in some time read, "Florida voter errors cost Gore your election."

How it worked: the newspapers tallied up the particular overvotes, then used BDO Seidman's undervote counting in order to test comparable scenarios.

The results: This particular research shows a less decisive result compared to count associated with just undervotes. This kind of had been revealed within April 2001.

The results: the study exhibits that Bush likely might have won the statewide recount associated with undervotes even in the event the U.S. Gore: The Actual Endless Election," Monday from 9 p.m

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